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1. A Non-Violent Guardian for Personal Safety

Its secret weapon against potential threats isn’t chemicals or inducing bodily injury; it’s sound. Simply pull the pin when you feel endangered and deter any attackers for good. Thanks to its non-violent approach, Birdie reduces the risk of self-injury, all while helping to eliminate the threat of physical confrontation. Step out of your house again with confidence, knowing you’re in control of your safety.

2. An Ear-Piercing Deterrent

The Birdie Alarm is equipped with a proprietary speaker that lets out an ear-splitting, heart-pounding sound. It isn't just any noise; it's a sound designed to give you chills and get your adrenaline pumping. The unsettling sound serves a dual purpose: to deter your attacker and alert anyone in the vicinity that help is needed.

“I purchased for daughter who moved to large city and walks her dog very early and very late. I didn’t know she was in a domestic abuse relationship and her spouse was choking her and she felt she was dying. She used it 3 times and it stopped the abuser from killing her. This saved her life.

T & G | Verified Buyer

3. Peace of Mind in Your Pocket

Its thoughtful design makes it your trusty companion, effortlessly fitting into your daily routine. Whether you're navigating the dimly lit streets alone at night, venturing into unfamiliar places, or just seeking an extra layer of security, Birdie is your discreet, pocket-sized guardian. With Birdie tucked away in your pocket or purse, it stands at the ready, waiting to be your shield in moments of need.

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“Arrived quickly and love the size and color.  2 days later I took it with while attending a comedy show in downtown area.  I felt safer walking back to my car especially while in the parking garage.  I am more at ease knowing that I have my birdie in my pocket.  Thank you”

Diane E. | Verified Buyer

4. Empowerment And Confidence

Birdie's approach doesn't involve countering aggression with more aggression. It's grounded in compassion and the firm belief that protection should never entail harm. Through its potent yet non-lethal sound, Birdie emboldens individuals to safeguard themselves and deter potential threats, all while ensuring that no lasting harm is inflicted.

“As a woman who lives independently and often ventures out alone, the "She's Birdie" Personal Safety Alarm has become my trusted companion. The siren is impressively loud and instantly draws attention. The built-in strobe light adds an extra layer of security in low-light situations.

This device not only provides a sense of empowerment but also genuine peace of mind. Thank you, "She's Birdie," for creating a product designed by women, for women—it's a 5-star essential in my life! 🦉🔐🌟”

Laura C. | Verified Buyer

5. The Perfect Travel Companion

Birdie is your ultimate travel companion, perfect for exploring new cities, towns, or countries. It's TSA-friendly, so you can take it anywhere in the world hassle-free! With its non-lethal deterrent, it provides peace of mind during your global adventures, ensuring your protection wherever you go.

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“This was an item I bought my future daughter in law, and she travels a lot and is always going somewhere with work, she was very happy when she saw this as one of her Christmas presents. She had been looking into getting one but i took care of that for her.”

Karla B. | Verified Buyer

Join the 2,500,000+ women who feel safer and more confident with Birdie!

Easy to Use: Just pull the Birdie alarm to activate.

Non-Violent: Designed to deter attackers without physical contact.

Travel Approved: Take Birdie with you wherever you go.

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