Hi, we’re sisters, Amy + Ali.

We come from a tight-knit family and have a lot in common: we’re both UC Berkeley grads, serial entrepreneurs, and moms of two. However one thing we never imagined sharing is that we’d both have a child who experienced assault. Each time this happened, our families were devastated…but far from alone.  

According to the CDC, over half of women have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during her lifetime. This is true for half the women we all know, in places we inhabit every day.

At She’s Birdie, we understand that feeling safe is fundamental to living a healthy life. So, we create easy-to-use mobile personal safety alarms to help women navigate the world with confidence and take action when needed. We design features that allow you to choose the type of help you want depending on the situation you’re in. We share resources, tips, facts, stats, and shout outs that educate and inspire our passionate community of 3M+ users. And we give 5% of profits to partner orgs that support women's safety, shelter and health.

She’s Birdie envisions a world where all people live free and secure lives. Join us, and together let’s make some noise!

Amy Ferber & Ali Peters, Co-Founders & Sisters