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“I swear by this safety alarm keychain for city living and solo travel”

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It's a perfect sunny afternoon. You lace up your running shoes, anticipation building for the run ahead. But as you step outside, a familiar unease creeps in.

Maybe you've been there before. That car that passed you three times on a usually quiet street. The group of guys whose comments made you pick up your pace. Or that isolated trail that promises beautiful views but leaves you feeling exposed.

If you've ever felt that twinge of anxiety during a run, you're not alone. For many runners, especially women, the joy of running is often overshadowed by concerns about personal safety.

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The Reality Many Runners Face:

  • Unwanted attention or harassment from strangers

  • The unsettling feeling of being followed or watched

  • Hesitation to run in certain areas or at specific times

Unwanted attention or harassment from strangers

The unsettling feeling of being followed or watched

Hesitation to run in certain areas or at specific times

These experiences can chip away at our confidence, altering our routes, limiting our runs to daylight hours, or even making us question solo runs altogether.

But should safety concerns dictate when, where, or how we run?

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Introducing She's Birdie: Your Silent Guardian

She's Birdie isn't just another personal alarm. It's a powerful ally designed specifically for runners who refuse to let fear hold them back. But what makes it so effective? The answer lies in the science of sound and human behavior.

The Power of Sound: Your Invisible Shield

When activated, She's Birdie unleashes a siren - louder than a rock concert. This isn't just noise; it's a scientifically proven deterrent. Here's why it works:

1. Startle Response: Loud, unexpected noises trigger the brain's amygdala, initiating an immediate fight-or-flight response. For a potential attacker, this sudden physiological reaction can be disorienting and off-putting.

2. Distance Covered: She's Birdie's alarm is audible from up to 1000 feet away—that's more than three football fields! This extensive reach significantly increases the chances of drawing attention and help.

Think of it as the "Dog Effect" for runners. Just as studies have shown that barking dogs deter home burglaries by drawing unwanted attention, your She's Birdie transforms you from a potential target into a high-risk situation that most attackers will choose to avoid.

But She's Birdie isn't just about its powerful sound. It's designed with runners in mind:

1. Lightning-Fast Activation: The intuitive pull-pin design means you can trigger the alarm in a split second, even mid-stride.

Runner-Optimized Design: At a featherlight .352 oz, She's Birdie integrates seamlessly with your running gear, never weighing you down.

Stylishly Discreet: Available in a range of colors, it blends in as a trendy accessory while packing a powerful punch.

Endurance-Matched Protection: With its long-lasting battery, She's Birdie keeps pace with your longest runs and training sessions.

Real People, Real Freedom

The impact of She's Birdie speaks for itself. Here's what actual users are saying:

I bought them as a deterrent for ALL animals!

“Ordered six! One for me and all my pals. We’re ladies who love our dogs and the outdoors. I bought them as a deterrent for ALL animals! Just makes walking alone feel a bit safer. ”

~ Cynthia D.

Isn't your safety and life worth it? I think so.

“I am an outdoors woman and carry one myself 24/7. I am grateful for the creation of the Birdie portable alarm and personally think every woman should carry one. Isn't your safety and life worth it? I think so. Tweet on girlfriends and enjoy living life safely. ”

~ Robin B.

Isn't your safety and life worth it? I think so.

“My family and I love the outdoors. Thisnis great for my two girls and my wife when they are off on their own. ”

~ Bryan D.

We feel much safer now that we have them!

“I got one for my mom and one for me. We both enjoy walking outdoors, and we feel much safer now that we have them! Doesn't hurt that they're cute too.”

~ Tanesha B.

These aren't just testimonials; they're declarations of reclaimed freedom and confidence.

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Your Run, Your Rules, Your Peace of Mind

While She's Birdie is a powerful tool in your safety arsenal, remember it's part of a comprehensive approach to runner safety. Stay aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and let someone know your running plans.

But with
She's Birdie by your side, you can shift your focus back where it belongs - on the rhythm of your breath, the power in your stride, and the sheer joy of running free.


Five colorful personal safety alarms labeled 'birdie.'

Disclaimer: Birdie is your trusty sidekick, but always stay street-smart. Follow local safety guidelines.

Easy to Use: Just pull the Birdie alarm to activate.

Non-Violent: Designed to deter attackers without physical contact.

Travel Approved: Take Birdie with you wherever you go.


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