A Movement of Safety: Join the 3 Million Women Trusting in Shes Birdie Protection

Step out into the world with confidence at your fingertips. Imagine going about your day, not worrying about what might happen, with a light of bravery shining on those once scary shadows.

Right now, being independent is something to be proud of, and
over 3 million women have found a friend in She's Birdie. This little device has changed how they think about staying safe, turning it into a powerful statement. Hear their stories firsthand...

1. Is a She’s Birdie safety alarm truly capable of safeguarding me?

“This is probably the first review I've ever written, but here to say that - as you all may have heard - the NYC subways have gotten unsafe again.

My train car was just under attack by a woman who began violently hitting and kicking the train windows and seats next to and above passengers, myself included. She then stared spitting on passengers and aggressively kicked the seat next to me.

As she hovered over me,
the woman sitting across from me pulled her Birdie alarm - and it worked. She saved me from being aggressed upon (thank you so much, stranger), and the attacking woman retreated. Ordering ASAP as I am forced to commute to work 5 days/ week in a growingly uncertain transportation system.”

Becky B.

Verified Customer

2.Is Birdie easy to use for all ages?

“I bought these as a stocking stuffer for my two daughters, they are 11 and 13 years old. I bought the black color for both of them to add to their backpacks.

I feel that
they are very discreet and easy to use. There is no assembly and they are ready to use right out of the box. I showed my girls how to activate the alarm within seconds, so they are extremely easy for children to use.

This day in age, I feel like we can never be too cautious with our children.
The alarm is very loud and the blinking lights that go off with the alarm are very bright as well.

To set off the alarm, you just pull out the top of the Birdie and to reset the alarm, you just replace the top back in place. It is very simple and gives me a little piece of mind with my daughters having these alarms easily accessible to them.”

Gina S.

Verified Customer

Easy to Use



TSA Approved

Useful at Distance

She’s Birdie

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3.Is Birdie a must-have for my kids, nieces, nephews, or family members?

“I honestly have lost count of how many I’ve purchased. It is so simple and adds just that extra comfort if the weird moment ever arises that you’ll need it. I have other self defense items.. but this I don’t have to think about leaving out with my kids or pets.

I’ve bought so many for my friends and family - everyone loves them! I’ll continue to buy them. They’re a solid company with a great product.”

Kira N.

Verified Customer

4.Is Birdie safe to travel with?

“Love your product! My daughter and I are flight attendants and take birdie everywhere we go.. we feel so much safer esp when we at times get back from trips late at night!

we can travel with them and have no problem getting through security! Thank you!✈️”

Lori N.

Verified Customer


Easy to Use: Just pull the Birdie alarm to activate.

Non-Violent: Designed to deter attackers without physical contact.

Travel Approved: Take Birdie with you wherever you go.

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