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4 Reasons You Should Definitely NOT Carry the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

In a world where personal safety is a top concern, the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm has been making waves as a powerful tool for empowerment and protection. This tiny device, with its ear-piercing alarm and instant activation, has given countless people the peace of mind they need to navigate life with confidence.

But what if there were compelling reasons NOT to carry the Birdie+?


A person holding a keychain alarm device labeled 'birdie' in their hand.


😱 If you WANT to be an easy target for criminals and attackers

The Birdie emits an ear-piercing alarm to draw attention and scare off assailants. But hey, if you'd prefer to be a soft, silent target, by all means, DON'T carry this device. Criminals will appreciate your cooperation!


Person holding a phone with a blue safety device attached to a keychain.


🥺 If you LIKE feeling helpless and unprepared in the face of danger

With the Birdie+ on your keychain or bag, you'll have the power to call for help anytime, anywhere. If you're more into that whole damsel-in-distress vibe though, leave the Birdie at home. You do you!

“Arrived quickly and I love the size and color… I felt safer walking back to my car, especially while in the parking garage. I am more at ease knowing that I have my birdie in my pocket.”

Diane E. | Verified Buyer


Person attaching a personal safety alarm to a bicycle handlebar.


📱 If you ENJOY fumbling with your phone in a crisis

The Birdie+ activates instantly with one simple pull, even if your phone is out of reach. But if you get a thrill from the challenge of unlocking your phone, opening the right app, and dialing while your heart races...skip the Birdie and embrace the struggle!

“I bought 10 and everyone loves them! I have peace of mind knowing my favorite people have a Birdie!”

Shana R. | Verified Buyer


Two people holding blue and purple personal safety alarm keychains.


💰 If you're HAPPY TO risk your safety to save a few dollars

For just $30, the Birdie+ gives you unmatched peace of mind and personal protection in a stylish little package. Of course, if you'd rather gamble with your well-being to keep that cash in your wallet, that's your prerogative. Who needs safety anyway?

Alright, let's get real for a moment. The reasons above for not carrying the Birdie+ are obviously ridiculous – but that's the point. 

In a world where danger can lurk around any corner, the last thing you want to do is leave your safety to chance. The Birdie+ is more than just a personal alarm – it's a symbol of empowerment, a declaration to the world that you refuse to be a victim.

“I like the quality and color options. I gave them to my coworkers, and one said she took hers hiking and was glad she had it because dusk feel quickly and she felt safer in the event of mountain lions knowing she could scare them with loud noise if need be.”

Mary C. | Verified Buyer

Join the 3 million women who feel EMPOWERED with Birdie+!

Hand holding three colorful personal safety alarms on keychains against a beige background.

Easy to Use: Just pull the Birdie+ alarm to activate.

Internet Connected: An internet connection enables 24/7 access to an emergency support line. 

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Non-Violent: Designed to help deter attackers without fighting.

Travel Safe: Take Birdie+ with you wherever you go.

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