We Love Feeling Safe

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We Love Feeling Safe

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We Love Feeling Safe

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We Love Feeling Safe

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We Love Feeling Safe

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Personal Safety Alarms Made for Women, By Women

We Envision a World Where Women Are Safe

Currently, 1 in 3 women in the U.S. is assaulted in her lifetime. This is personal because it includes 1 in 3 of our daughters, sisters, and friends.

When in Doubt, Pull It

Feeling uncomfortable? Trust your gut. Activate Birdie’s LOUD alarm and flashing light to interrupt the situation and bring eyes on you. Don’t be afraid to make noise! Use and reuse. Birdie’s here to help.

"The tiny-yet-colorful device is a game-changer."

"Combination of aesthetics and practicality is hard to resist"

"You can never go wrong with gifting a sense of security."

"Perfect for those who have late night commutes, frequently adventure alone or are just looking for some hand-held reassurance"

"It gets people's attention"

For Us, It’s Personal

We come from a tight-knit family that tells stories to connect. The ones about violence against women––whether shared by our 90-year-old mom or any one of our sisters––are the hardest to hear. While these traumas often make us doubt ourselves and forever change how we walk through the world, they are not at all unique. When our teens came home with their own stories, our hearts were broken. 

Together, let’s create a world where women are safe. 

Excited to give 5%

Your purchase supports our passionate partners who work for the safety and empowerment of women. They’re writing legislative reform, educating students on their Title IX rights, providing shelter and services to survivors and families, and creating powerful opportunities to connect girls and women to their unlimited potential.