Made for women, By women

As sisters, we come from a large, tight-knit family filled with women--fourteen mothers, sisters, daughters, and nieces strong. In our communities, we are connected to and inspired by more women--young and old, bright and bold.


When we prepared to send our oldest kids off to college, we wrestled with the fact that one in five women is raped in her lifetime in the U.S. This is not only a horrifying statistic but one that is personally heartbreaking…because it includes one in five of our women, too.

one in five

One in five women in the U.S. will have someone attempt to rape them at some point in their lives.

20 percent

College is a vulnerable time - 20% of undergraduate women are victims of sexual violence since beginning college.

43.6 percent

43.6% of women experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime.

Our why

She’s Birdie envisions a world where women are safe. We’re here to activate women and accelerate change. Use this tool to stop a life altering tragedy. Listen to your gut. Watch out for your friends. Talk to your daughters. Include boys and men in these conversations because we can’t have a conversation about women’s safety with just women.

Giving 5% To Accelerate Change

Our mission is large and we value all hands on deck; so we’ve partnered with organizations that joyously work to create a world where women are safe. They’re creating legislative reform, educating students on Title IX rights, supporting survivors and families and providing critical opportunities to empower girls and women.